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SteelSeries 9HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad

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Ever since I started using the SteelSeries 9HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad for my front-end development I’ve wondered how I ever did without it!

These pads, combined with a Logitech mouse, gives you pinpoint accuracy when cutting images, measuring and anything else you need to accomplish.

Processing files in ColdFusion with an extension other than .cfm

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Want to run ColdFusion code on a page but don’t want the .cfm extension?

Or you have existing pages with an extension of .html and want to add CF code?

You need to update CF and IIS.

These instructions apply to ColdFusion version 9 and IIS 7+.

Loading an image via the <img> tag using ColdFusion

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I wrote a basic routine to accomplish this awhile back using <CFImage> and decided to revisit it.

I found out it needed major rework!

There were all types of exceptions dealing with transparent png and gif files.

After spending 2+ days on it, I believe the following is a solid solution.

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