Slice a query string and store as object values using JavaScript

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I recently had a need to reuse query string values multiple times on a page.

Calling a function that parses the query string each time just isn’t efficient.

I decided to use a self-executing function I wrote that stores the values as properties of an object.

We’ve all been there, we need to get those query string values using JavaScript – then we think, I’ve done this before — but how did I do it. I know the code is around here somewhere…

I prefer to have values stored once to be accessible as needed.

This function:
- Self-executes
- Checks if a query string exists
- Extracts the fields and values from that string
- Decodes the values if they are URI encoded
- Creates a global object
- Checks to make sure the value used to name a property is alphanumeric
- Adds a property and value to the object for each field/value pair from the query string

I’m using an object name of QS. You can rename this to whatever suits your needs.

Example URI encoded query string


Non-encoded it would read:

?client=Jack Burton Clothing Inc.&project=Pork Chop Express Redesign

This is a self-executing function – meaning you do not have to call it. It will execute when the code is loaded.

	//decode and remove first question mark
	var qStr = decodeURIComponent(\?/,"")
	//if query string empty
	if(qStr === ""){return false}

	//split to array
	qStr = qStr.split("&")

	//create global object
	QS = {}
		var e = qStr[i].split("=")
		//property name - strip all but basic alphanumeric
		e[0] = e[0].toString()
		//property value - replace plus sign with blank space
		e[1] = e[1].replace(/\+/g,' ')
		//assign properties and values to object
		QS[e[0]] = e[1]

You can access the values in the following ways:


* In super-rare cases where a numeric value is used for a field name, ex. ?1=apple, you cannot access via dot notation, you will have to use QS["1"].

In action:


You can even take it a step further and add the function to an existing or new namespace. You can then access it via that namespace using dot notation.

For the following example we will create a namespace called “MYSITE”. To this namespace we will add a child object called “qs”. This child object will hold the result/values of our function.

The code is slightly different from above in that it does not create a global object named “QS”. Instead it adds the object “qs” to the “MYSITE” namespace and the function returns the result to the “qs” object.


if(typeof MYSITE==="undefined" || !MYSITE) MYSITE={};
	qs: (function(){
			//decode and remove first question mark
			var qStr = decodeURIComponent(
			//if query string empty
			if(qStr === ""){return false}
			//split to array
			qStr = qStr.split("&")
			//create global object
			var QS = {}
				var e = qStr[i].split("=")
				//property name - strip all but basic alphanumeric
				e[0] = e[0].toString()
				//property value - replace plus sign with blank space
				e[1] = e[1].replace(/\+/g,' ')
				//assign properties and values to object
				QS[e[0]] = e[1]
			//return object
			return QS

You can access the values in the following ways:


In action:


I hope you find this bit of reusable code helpful.

Great books are available on JavaScript and jQuery.

Tested in:
jQuery 1.7.2+
FF 3.6+, Safari, Chrome, IE8+, iOS

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