Star Wars Crawl

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Star Wars CrawlThis is my homage to the original “Star Wars” in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

It’s coded to run on an iPhone but viewable in the latest versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome. You can also view on an iPad or iTouch. But not in IE.

Uses a combination of HTML5, CSS animation and JavaScript.

Displays the opening logo and story crawl, with sound, for a viewport of 320×480. Looks best in landscape mode on an iPhone.

Since this post is more of a fun homage as opposed to instructional, I did not list out the code.

But you can view source if you are interested in examining the inner workings.

Primarily coded to work on the iPhone(tested on a 4S), here is a shortlink for less typing:

Here’s an iPhone 4S, landscape mode screenshot:
Star Wars Crawl Screenshot - iPhone 4S Landscape

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