SteelSeries 9HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad

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Ever since I started using the SteelSeries 9HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad for my front-end development I’ve wondered how I ever did without it!

These pads, combined with a Logitech mouse, gives you pinpoint accuracy when cutting images, measuring and anything else you need to accomplish.

The textured surface of the SteelSeries 9HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad gives you maximum precision with each drag of your mouse. You can move your mouse faster than you did before and still keep the accuracy you need.

The backside of the SteelSeries 9HD
Professional Gaming Mouse Pad
a rubber layer that prevents the pad
from sliding. You won’t even realize
you’re using a mouse pad.

If you’re also a gamer you can really improve your gameplay
with this pad. I’ve found it an awesome addition coupled
with a great gaming mouse. It takes strafing to a
whole new level!

Bottom line – I cannot live without this mouse pad! It definitely has improved my workflow.

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